We know e-mailing can be confusing… Here are some things we’ve learned that might benefit you.




  • Always fill in the Subject: field with a very brief description of the message as this helps in categorizing the email and later to search for it.
  • Be brief and on-topic. Long, rambling messages will be ignored and deleted. They are also usually misunderstood.
  • Keep emails as structurally simple as possible. Not all email software can interpret fancy fonts and stationery.
  • Use the CC: (copy) field to send FYI only messages to certain recipients. One in a CC field should not be expected to comment or reply to the message.




  • Email is not the best way to communicate and avoid email wars at all costs.
  • Do not list a recipient in the TO: field unless he/she is expected to act on your message.
  • Minimize the amount of quoted text and use embedded links to URLs instead. Just copy and paste the links into your email.
  • Avoid using the “confirm receipt” feature as this is annoying to most and can be avoided by the Outlook user anyway.
  • Avoid emails for large file attachments. Use shared resources instead.


Things to keep in Mind…

  • The use of CAPITALS is basically the email version of shouting!
  • Watch your tone in the email. Avoid humor, sarcasm, and irony unless you are absolutely certain the recipient will understand your meaning.
  • Using the “high importance” or “low importance” flag on EVERY email you send is unnecessary and annoying.

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