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We offer a wide range of solutions for computers. In today’s fast-paced world, using information technology to your advantage is crucial in order to stay competitive and grow your business. Telemagen offers comprehensive IT services and solutions designed specifically to alleviate IT worries and help you achieve your goals.

Software Solutions:

Stay protected with the latest Virus and Spyware protection. We have solutions for the personal computer all the way up to enterprise clients. Our solutions are top ranked in the industry and are simple to use, but strong on protection.
You’ve all seen the commercials that claim one scan of their product and your computer is running fast and new again. That just simply isn’t true. Bring your PC to us so we can thoroughly go through it and optimize your PC back to new. If you’re a business, give us a call, we can perform this same service on your business computers as well!
Are you having problems installing a new video card or maybe a new piece of software that just came out? Give us a call or stop by so that we can install your new hardware or software for you. We provide this service every day for our business clients, so we are more than qualified to help you with your personal pc.
Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and all the other software companies release new updates to their software weekly, monthly, or yearly. We offer enterprise solutions to keep your business computers up to date or we can make sure your personal pc is protected as well!


Hardware Solutions:

We offer several hard drive services. We can help you upgrade, recover, or backup your hard drive. With so many different types of hard drives on the market today, let us help you make the best decision so you can be back up and running quickly.
Upgrading the memory is the quickest way to speed up your computer. You will be surprised how little it might cost as well! Let us scan your business or personal computer today to see what upgrade options you have!
You’ve seen all of the CSI:Miami shows that have computers with multiple monitors. It might not be that far out of reach for you! We have clients with two, three, even four monitors running at one time on the same computer. It helps you be more productive or allows you to play that new game with even more realism.
Power supplies are at the heart of how well a PC will run but sometimes they can go out due to power surges, overheating, or even age. Let us help you diagnose any issues with your power supply or upgrade your power supply to a more powerful one for additional card capacity.



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