We provide a range of Professional IT Services to design, install, manage, support and maintain your server environment. Server support and maintenance can be conducted remotely using non-evasive, encrypted Remote Control software that does not install on your servers but runs when needed and when specified by your staff. When a quick remote session can’t get the job done, our staff will visit you on site to resolve the issue based on your priorities.

Technologies Supported:

*Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, Small Business Server *Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 Support *Active Directory *Veritas, Backup Exec *SQL Server *Vmware *ISA Server *IIS *Apache *RAS, TCP IP, DNS, DHCP Issues *Microsoft VPN *Terminal Server


Virtualization allows you to consolidate computers or servers onto one or more physical boxes. Share the power of one machine and distribute between different functions. Virtualization allows easy scalability and provides substantial lower cost of ownership when compared to several physical servers. Virtualization can also form part of your disaster recovery plan.

Benefits Of Virtualization include

*Several Servers operating on one physical box *Reduced cost of ownership *Lower power consumption Environmental benefits + Energy Savings *Reduction in hardware maintenance costs *Less physical space needed for server hardware *Deploy multiple operating systems on one box

Infrastructure Services

Your network infrastructure is the glue that transports the IP packets both on-premise and off-premise. In addition to reliability, a properly designed network infrastructure should provide both speed and bandwidth needed and expandability for future network nodes. Network infrastructure outages should rarely be an issue and if you find that your network is unreliable, give us a call to troubleshoot the problem. Network node problems can be masked by a poorly designed or installed network and these are difficult to diagnose. We stand ready to help in this regard.

Technologies Supported

*Cat 5 & 6 cabling systems *Power over Ethernet (PoE) *Ethernet routers and switches *Fiber optics cabling and terminations *firewalls *wireless Ethernet equipment.