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They are called Personal Computers (PCs) for a reason. It’s because they are PERSONAL!! It’s normal to use them every day and COUNT on them every day. So when something is wrong – slowness, virus, blue screen, smoke, etc. it’s a PERSONAL thing isn’t it? Let us diagnose it for you and get you on the right track! And yes, if you need a new one, we can help with that too!

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It’s really hard to believe the pace of new product releases, both in software and hardware. In 2011, Telemagen has committed to bringing technology training to our clients to keep us all on the same page. Some of the new technology innovation should be adopted, some not. Training will keep you abreast of where to put your attention and will make you more productive.

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The mobile productivity revolution is on! We are increasingly becoming mobile workers and the market for mobile devices has never been stronger. BUT, what is the best device for me, and once I have it, who can help me with it? How do I use it effectively for both me personally and with my job or business?
Our increased mobility often leaves us wondering what may be happening at our offices or at other important locations while we are traveling. To be mobile and yet connected to video streams of selected locations will become increasingly important to us.

On premise, we may wish to monitor the property in some way for security’s sake. Regardless, the technology exists today to monitor most every aspect of our lives and Telemagen has been a leader in this area for some time. Call us with your thoughts on what you may need and we can go over your options.