Municipalities have been bombarded with numerous forms of technology integration, especially those with mobile applications for police departments and other mobile workforces. Our team understands how the pieces fit together for town governments, libraries, police and fire organizations, and others wanting to manage this technology explosion in their respective areas.

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While it’s a challenge to integrate computer technologies on a particular campus, it’s especially challenging to integrate them on the move. With our broad background in both the IT and the Telecommunications areas, Telemagen is uniquely qualified to consult with municipal clients to develop the best approach for the highly mobile workforce. We can do IT and Telecom assessments of your workplace and recommend the best solution for your group to keep you effective on the road.

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Municipalities have special IT and telecommunication needs to communicate among other governmental agencies in addition to their own department. This may require computer equipment working in concert with other equipment. Telemagen specializes in systems integration, including the installation of software, servers, workstations, and Green IT components such as virtual machine technology.

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Oftentimes, municipalities need to install camera systems, interrogation rooms, or general surveillance systems. The data from these systems can be transported by the existing network for distribution to various points in the network. Telemagen is a Preferred Systems Provider of security systems and can work with your organization to put together a system that meets your needs.

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Municipalities depend upon their various networks for timely communication, both voice and data. Using our knowledge of computers and telecommunications, Telemagen is comfortable in the convergence of these technologies and has specialized in building robust networks to accommodate the integration of voice and data. These networks also include the latest copper cabling technologies as well as fiber optic installation.

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