Our schools have been early adopters of technology innovation to assist them in the educational process. Telemagen is working hard to both suggest new technologies and respond to the schools’ requirements as they continue to implement this technology both on and off campus. There are many ways for our children to learn and we stand ready with technology solutions to assist in this regard.

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Schools have been an early adopter of security systems for obvious reasons. We certainly want to keep our children safe and security systems have only just begun to help accomplish that goal. Now, security cameras have found a home on the IT network with even more functionality for school administrators to use. Telemagen has been a leader and preferred provider to schools implementing surveillance systems. Give us a call to chat about how we approach this technology in our schools!

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Schools generally have robust computer networks due to the amount of information that is transferred on a daily basis. As such, it’s easy to use this same network to transmit and receive voice making the network a great candidate for implementing a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony system. Having an extensive background in telecommunications and IT affords Telemagen unique insights into the best way to accomplish this.

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Schools are typically a large consumer of PCs, servers, and associated devices like document cameras. Telemagen is a registered dealer for these devices and can work with the school to experiment with new technologies and ultimately order the best solution. We understand that each school has different needs and we are sensitive to that.

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