It’s amazing the amount of “buzz” that’s been created by those using the term “VoIP” or Voice over IP. This is truly a case of the technology hype overshadowing the value it may (or may not) bring to your business. Telemagen took a leadership position in VoIP back in 2004 bringing this technology to businesses and also hosting VoIP informational conferences to discuss the value proposition to businesses. Still, the overarching value of VoIP is in using the technology to better understand and respond to your customers, rather than simply to save costs. We may or may not recommend VoIP depending on your needs. This, again, demonstrates our commitment to you to deliver technology that makes sense for you.

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Premise Phone Systems

We realize that a lot of the telephony talk today is about “hosted” phone systems in the cloud. Sometimes a business simply needs to have control of their phone system on premise and we have a solution for that. It’s called Trixbox, and it’s actually called a “hybrid” system meaning that it has the best characteristics of both premise-based and hosted phone systems. This allows us to give you the reliability of a premised based solution, and yet enjoy secure remote access for problem solving should the need arise. A system like Trixbox can be purchased upfront or leased as you may require.

Hosted Phone Systems

If your business is a fit for the hosted solution, we will certainly recommend this type of system for you. A hosted system typically consists of VoIP phones on site at your facility communicating with a remote PBX cloud host typically through your Internet connection. Hosted systems are generally recommended for those businesses with small remote offices and a small number of employees overall. There are several choices when looking at this option and, as you might expect, Trixbox has a solution in this regard as well.

Phones, Headsets, etc.

Telemagen is a registered dealer for Polycom and Aastra handsets, and also sells the Jabra and Plantronix lines of headsets. Our phones are from the factory, not from someone’s basement stock, and thus carry the full manufacturer’s warranty.