For years, small to medium businesses(SMBs) were at the bottom of the attention list for many vendors and NOW, there is a renewed interest in the SMB sector that experts believe will be leading the country out of the recession.For the record, Telemagen has ALWAYS focused on SMBs, long before it was fashionable to do so.

Let us guide the way with your solutions, start to finish.

If you interpret consulting as the art of helping SMBs leverage their technology dollar, then you have found our secret. It really doesn’t matter what technology project we are working on, our goal is to consult with you to guide you to the best solution to leverage your investment. This process covers a variety of technologies of course and not all clients have the same needs.

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If you are looking for help with your computer systems, we stand ready to apply any new technologies that leverage the existing investment or replace it. For example, you may wish to consolidate your servers into a virtual set, saving space and energy. Perhaps you are considering off-sourcing to the “cloud” and want to design a strategy for that. We can cut through the latest IT Speak and help you understand how to proceed.

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In the early days of the Internet, it was difficult for anyone to imagine the network growing as it now has, providing “cloud” services in much the same way as large servers do in the datacenters. Company networks have become very large as well, covering cities, states, and even countries. Telemagen has the experience to design, build, and troubleshoot LANs and WANS, having both the IT and Telecom experience base.

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Who would ever have believed that we would forsake our 100 year old hard-wired telephony network and send our calls through the Internet? Of course, cost drives many things and our calls are certainly a bargain when using the Internet, right? Depending upon your application, you may or may not wish to use the “cloud” to send your calls and Telemagen can help you with that “call”!

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For many reasons today, not the least of which is external business liability and internal employee events, businesses are turning to video to settle disputes by factual evidence. Once called “big brother is watching you”, it’s now commonplace to use surveillance in a positive way to make your business safer and more effective. Telemagen is a leader and preferred provider of security systems and can show you how to get the most for your technology dollar.

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It’s really hard to believe the pace of new product releases, both in software and hardware. In 2011, Telemagen has committed to bringing technology training to the SMBs to keep them updated. As you might suspect, some of the new technology innovation should be adopted, some not. Training will keep you abreast of where to put your attention and will make you more productive.

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Telemagen is committed to bringing you IT services and support that will maximize your efficiency and minimize downtime, therefore saving you money and providing a true return on investment.