Who is Telemagen?

Telemagen, LLC ™ was created in 2000 to serve the Telecommunications and Information Technology needs of the Central Indiana area. Since that time, Telemagen has been involved in many technology projects that have provided value to personal, business, school, and municipal clients alike. We recognize the variety of challenges that our clients face in their daily operations because we are, in fact, a member of your group. As such, our mission is to help you understand the value that Telecommunications and Information Technology may bring to your business, allowing you to compete in a global market.

We also believe that these solutions do not have to be a major part of your budget. Voice, Data, and Internet technologies have been converging for many years and it may, in fact, be the time to incorporate these changes into your operations. The expensive technology solutions utilized by larger companies in the past are now available to smaller enterprises at a fraction of earlier costs. Selecting the appropriate solutions and blending them into your existing operations are the keys to gaining long term value.

Let us assess your needs and propose a solution to you that allows your business to migrate to those technologies that are appropriate for you.